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21 June 2018

Italian Desk in Dublin

Italian Desk in Dublin

A new project lands on the Irish shores which hopes to further connect Ireland and Italy, called The Italian Desk.

Thanks to the patronage of the Irish Branch of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, it comes to life with the aim of offering professional advice to the Italian community in Ireland. Italian professionals and individuals in Dublin will now be able to reach out to professionals for advice on a variety of financial, legal and everyday queries such as taxation, workers rights, the health system and signing up to AIRE (Registry of Italian Nationals Living Abroad).

Italian businesses wishing to expand their business in Ireland will be able to access the necessary information through the Italian Desk. Likewise, Irish businesses that seek to branch out to the Italian market will be given professional advice and information about taking that next step. All services are offered in both Italian and English to accommodate everyone’s needs.
The Italian Desk will be based in the offices of Clark Hill Solicitors, an already established and experienced law firm in Dublin.

The Italian Desk is a way to assist both individuals and businesses in taking those otherwise difficult steps that are necessary to live and work in a foreign country.

The initiative has been made possible also thanks to the valuable support of Slig Law LLPAthena SRL and Slig Education SAS.

With the collaboration with the Irish Branch of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, there will be an event taking place in Dublin for the Italian community to be formally introduced to this project. Additionally, an information handbook has been made available on how to do business in Ireland.

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