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27 November 2019

4th World Week of the Italian Cuisine (Scotland)

4th World Week of the Italian Cuisine (Scotland)



The 4th World Week of Italian Cuisine has been a celebration of the theme “Food Education: The Culture of Taste”. Taking place from 18th to 24th November, the Scottish Branch of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for the UK in cooperation with the Consulate General of Italy and the Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh organised two official events promoting the regional cuisine of the Veneto region and Lake Garda. The first evening, “A Cena con Leandro Luppi: Variazioni Alimentari sul Lago di Garda”, has been a celebration of the very best of the Lake Garda area’s food, and the best wine Allegrini and Prosecco Superiore. Thirty-five food&wine first-class Scottish journalists, bloggers, and buyers have been enthralled by a short introductory showcase of each produce served during the evening. Guests have then sampled an authentic lake area dinner designed by the Michelin starred chef Leandro Luppi, unconventional food artist, capable of transforming food into sheer emotions. Leandro is the patron chef at Vecchia Malcesine Ristorante, a little slice of gastronomic heaven on the banks of Lake Garda. At Divino Enoteca, after an excellent “aperitivo” with Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, guests savoured a divine five courses menu paired with a selection of delightful Allegrini wines. The first course has been the delicate and iconic “Fake Tomato”, a River Rainbow trout tartare with Green Apple and Tomato paired with DOC Soave Allegrini. The chef then exquisitely presented his different Carbonara di Lago, followed by an outstanding Beef cheek braised with Amarone and celeriac pure and his succulent Lettuce, salted caramel, and truffle. The dessert, a Panettone parfait with candied mandarins and vanilla cream, marked the end of this sublime dinner. Every guest has been impressed by the innovative combination of delicate flavours and the reinvention of elaborate and sensational dishes, defined by the most as “the most delicious dinner had so far this year”.


During the second official event in Scotland, representatives of some of the most relevant Italian food and wine producers from the Veneto region and the Lake Garda area have enthralled an enthusiastic public of about eighty-five people with academic talks and curious insights regarding authentic Italian excellencies. The event “Il Veneto e il suo Lago: Incontri Alimentari”, held at The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, in collaboration with Victor and Carina Contini, has been introduced by Lucia Ortisi, qualified chef and budding gastronome, who has illustrated the theme of this Fourth edition “Food Education: The Culture of Taste”, underlining the importance of the Mediterranean Diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a model of balanced nutrition. Silvia Benedet, ambassador for Consorzio Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, has carried out an entertaining presentation about the difference between Prosecco and Prosecco Superiore, highlighting the addition of the "Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene" to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The floor then has been given then to Federico Delvai, export director of Pastificio Felicetti, who has emphasised how pristine air and water, such as the one of Predazzo, where Pasta Felicetti is produced, combined with the most excellent grain make the difference in the process of making first quality pasta. Last but not least, Edoardo Loison, a family member of Loison Pasticceri dal 1938, has explained to the public the long and articulated process of baking a traditional Panettone, which requires not only special and first quality ingredients but also an abundant amount of passion. Afterward, our guests had the chance of savoring each of the product, thanks to a mouthwatering selection of authentic dishes prepared by our Michelin starred chef Leandro Luppi, who has been able through his outstanding cuisine to provide our guests with excellent delicacies as well as food for thoughts: “Although Italy is renowned for some iconic food products worldwide, such as pasta and pizza, it is essential to understand that each and every Italian region, as well as towns and even villages, boast its own recipes and typical produce. What counts the most is not only the tradition and the recipes, which still are fundamental but also the genuine environment where each product grows. Only with an open mind and the willingness to explore what might at first sound unconventional, one can embrace the authenticity of Italian culture”.


We are also very proud of the activities organised by our members that we included in the official programme of the Week:

1) “Vegan Feast Night” by Piccolino Edinburgh: the staff cooked Vegan mouthwatering and nutritious Italian delicacies, using exclusively seasonal vegan ingredients.

2) “Meet the Maker” Apulian Dinner by Eusebi Deli: an exceptional evening with the winemaker from the “A Mano” coming directly from the Apulia Region. The chef and the wine producer guided our customers through the course menu, pairing each dish with a delicious wine.

3) “The Piemonte” Menu by Divino Enoteca: a culinary journey through the specialties of Piedmont, celebrated region for its food and wine heritage.

4) “Il Panino Italiano” Menu by Accento Cafe: a menu dedicated to the tradition of the Italian “Panino”, with a selection of panini covering the most authentic Italian flavours, from the Speck from Trentino Alto Adige, the Mortadella Bologna, the Sardinian Artichokes to the famous chicken Milanese.

5) Complimentary chef’s choice crostini by Victor & Carina Contini: a wide variety of Italian crostini kindly offered as complimentary sides in celebration of the World Week of Italian Cuisine, with the aim of promoting the authenticity of healthy and traditional Italian ingredients.


Many thanks to all our guests for their incredibly enthusiastic feedbacks. Thanks also to our partners, Consulate General of Italy and the Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh, and to all the staff of our members Divino Enoteca and Victor & Carina Contini. Special recognition to all the producers who collaborated with us (Ambasciatori del Gusto, Consorzio Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, Loison Pasticceri dal 1938, Pastificio Felicetti, and Allegrini Wines) and to the legendary Michelin-starred Chef Leandro Luppi, from Vecchia Malcesine Ristorante.

We are already looking forward to next year’s events!


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