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7 Luglio 2020

TechTuesday with WeBizz: TikTok for Business: "Don't Make Ads, Make TikToks"

TechTuesday with WeBizz: TikTok for Business:  "Don
Hi Folks,
Welcome to another TechTuesday with WeBizz! 
Today we uncover the new branding solutions offered by TikTok, the famous video app which is now opening for business with “TikTok For Business”.

What is TikTok?
TikTok is a free social media app that lets users watch, create, and share videos - often to a soundtrack of the top hits in music - right from their mobile device. It was originally available as musical.ly in the U.S. but was rebranded when the two apps merged in August 2018.

TikTok for Business
Tik Tok recently launched a new platform, “TikTok For Business”, a unique dashboard where companies will have access to TikTok marketing and advertising solutions. 
According to the portal's mantra, "Don't Make Ads, Make TikToks," TikTok is proposing brands something different from other social media sites. 
Instead of creating traditional digital advertising campaigns, brands will be able to run more engaging formats (videos, challenges) with the potential to go viral. 
“With the launch of TikTok For Business, we set out to embrace the creative, positive, and real moments that make our community so special with solutions for businesses to connect and grow with our wonderfully expressive community” (TikTok’s managing director for Global Business Marketing, Katie Puris)

TikTok ads formats and marketing solutions
TikTok will allow advertisers to create different ad formats and branding solutions such as:
  • TopView ads: the ad that appears when you first launch the TikTok app
  • Brand Takeovers ads: three to five-second ads that can be either a video or image
  • In-Feed Videos: videos up to 60 seconds in length which run with the sound on
  • Hashtag Challenges: challenges through which companies can invite users to create content around a hashtag of their choice. This includes Hashtag Plus, which also adds a shopping feature to this experience.
  • Branded Effects: this ad format lets marketers create ads with 2D / 3D effects and now with AR format (Brand Scan) that users can add to videos. These can also be combined with Hashtag Challenges to boost engagement with the brand.

In order to help advertisers familiarize with the new marketing solutions, TikTok is launching an e-learning centre which will include product guides, resources and creative best practices to help them launch successful campaigns or learn about the Branded Effects Partner Program.

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