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17 Marzo 2020

Tech Tuesday with WeBizz: Join Your Customers On Their Digital Journey

Tech Tuesday with WeBizz: Join Your Customers On Their Digital Journey
Hi Guys,
Welcome back to our TechTuesday With Webizz.
Today we will look at the digital journey of your customers, the route your customer takes before, during and after a purchase.
In an ideal world, this customer journey would be straight forward, a highway to customer satisfaction and repeat business: your customer would visit your beautiful website, see your goods and buy them. Then he or she would return to buy another one of your products.
Too often, this is a dream.
In reality, the customer journey is not straight forward. It can go in different directions or can easily switch from online to offline and vice versa. It might take place on different devices and can include multiple pitstops. 
That’s why it is important to always put yourself in the shoes of your customers and map their journey with all its options and detours. This will ensure you will be able to be with them at each pitstop and support them each step of the way with all the information they need. This effort will be well worth it. But let’s start at the beginning and break that customer journey down.
First: How do I improve my visibility? 
Do not expect your website to automatically show up when people google your products; and do not overestimate your brand name. People may not yet be searching for you by brand name - sometimes they do not even know your product exists yet.
Advertising is an effective way to make people aware of your goods and services. You can promote your product in different ways: offline in a magazine or at a trade fair, online via Google or Social Media. The combination of online and offline advertising creates synergy to boost awareness of your product. 
Let’s imagine that you take part in a fair: people visit your booth and when they go home, they can also search online for what they saw at the fair. This combination of offline and online presence will strengthen your brand (brand recall: I saw you at the fair and I now see you again on Google!) and will maximize your investment in the fair.
Especially since the current Coronavirus outbreak, many trade fairs have been cancelled. People are going out less and increasingly spend time organizing their lives online, check news portals and interact via social media.
This is why it is important to optimize your online presence now, give your customers the option to buy your goods online and ensure your business has the best chance of survival in this difficult time.
Second: Increasing your sales
Now that people know me… will they buy?
Wait a minute. Even if people know about your product, they may need more information before making a purchase. Which kind of information? 
That depends on the products. Sometimes buyers want to check if the product is available elsewhere and at a different price; sometimes they want to read about other people’s experience with your product; sometimes they want to be reassured about guarantees, returns or any risks.
According to a Google study, people conduct an online search to be more confident about what to buy. The information they search on Google helps them “anticipate” their experience or reduce their anxiety. 
For example, if you are going to see a movie you may like to find out first what it is about and if other people liked it. You have some expectations and you want to avoid bad surprises.
At this stage of the customer journey, it is fundamental for you to provide all the relevant information about your services and goods, including reviews and opinions from other users, any additional content, images, videos which can help your audience familiarize themselves with your product and fall in love with. All these contents must be published on the most relevant channel appropriate for your audience.  Are they on Instagram? Would they enjoy YouTube Tutorials? Do they surf Facebook and comment on your posts?
Remember to satisfy your audience’s expectations (which may differ from your main product focus). For example, if you launch a new pair of glasses with advanced sun protection you may focus on this technical feature and you would miss the expectations of customers more interested in the aesthetics. These buyers would like to see pictures on Instagram or Facebook or reviews from other customers of yours.
Third: How do I maintain a customer relationship?
Ok, they bought my product… is everything done? No, the customer journey is not over yet. The post-sale is a crucial, can be time consuming and is sometimes underestimated.
Remain close to your customers, ask them what they liked and what you can improve on. Never take for granted their effort in writing reviews, sharing their experience as your customer on social media or do word of mouth. Thank them, give them vouchers and reply to their complaints, make them feel important, take time to communicate.
Keep this relationship alive: send your customers profiled offers without spamming them. Analysis of their past behavior can help you implement “predictive marketing” strategies. 
This way you will be able to anticipate their needs, be relevant and never intrusive.
Thanks for your attention,
See you next week!

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