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5 Aprile 2019


London, 26th March 2019 – This year CAMPARI, the iconic Italian aperitif celebrates The Negroni’s 100th birthday with N100 - a series of on trade initiatives, consumer activations and social campaigns. The Negroni is seen by many as the world’s most iconic cocktail and in the UK in particular, continuing to hold it’s place in the Top 10 cocktail rankings*.

CAMPARI is the original ingredient in the classic cocktail. The story began back in 1919 when Count Camillo Negroni entered a bar in Florence and asked for an Americano with gin instead of soda water, inspired by a recent trip to Britain.  The rest is history, and over the last 100 years, the Negroni has stood the test of time achieving cult status as a ‘classic cocktail’ with Tatler naming the Negroni one of the hottest cocktails of 2018.

N100 will culminate in June with a week long celebration that aims to highlight the impact the cocktail has had on popular culture. Kicking off with an exclusive launch party where 100 of the best Negroni serves will be on offer, from straight up classics to innovative twists from top UK bartending talent.   The party will then continue with Negroni inspired in-bar experiences across the UK for a further six nights. 
From creating cocktails to creating art, CAMPARI will use the theme of N100 to continue its CAMPARI Creates legacy. Through a unique partnership, aspiring artists will be invited to take part in a competition to create a piece of art, inspired by the look, taste and creativity of the Negroni. The winning artwork will be added to the Galleria CAMPARI archives in Milan, sitting alongside the likes of Leonetto Cappiello and Marcello Dudovich and also be included in CAMPARI’s global N100 celebrations.

The N100 celebrations started with the Negroni as the star of Campari Red Diaries 2019 film ‘Entering Red’; an enigmatic short movie featuring Hollywood actress Ana De Armas.   The film featured a cameo from award-winning bartender Joe Schofield,  who created his own take on the Negroni, the ‘Negroni Segreto’, inspired by the movie.  As an extension of this initiative, UK bartenders are being challenged to mark a century of the Negroni by crafting their take on the classic cocktail to be included in CAMPARI’s hero collection of 100 Negronis. 

Nick Williamson, Marketing Director, Campari UK says “You only turn 100 once making 2019 an extra special year for the Negroni and CAMPARI as a brand. Our N100 activities are designed to showcase why the Negroni is a timeless classic, while exciting a new generation of drinkers to taste and enjoy the cocktail.  With a year of celebrations, N100 also looks to the future of the Negroni, helping to cement its status as one of the most called for classic cocktails for another 100 years.” 
To find out more about CAMPARI’s celebrations of the Negroni visit https://lavitacampari.com/ and the CAMPARI Instagram @campariuk.

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