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4 Aprile 2019

April Special - Crusco Pepper from Senise IGP

April Special - Crusco Pepper from Senise IGP
This monthly Special is a food excellence from Basilicata in Southern Italy: the Bell Pepper from Senise IGP in the “Crusco” version - which means “Crunchy”.

This Bell Pepper is a very high quality product called the "red gold from Basilicata”, to enjoy in our three special dishes of April: the Crostini with Stracciatella, Crusco Pepper, Courgette Flowers, Anchovies, Olives and Capers; the Linguine di Gragnano ‘Pasta Gentile’ with Pecorino Romano, Black Pepper and Crusco Pepper; the Pizza with Mozzarella di Bufala, Stracciatella, Crusco Pepper, Courgette Flowers, Anchovies and Olives.

Do you want to discover more about it? 

Across the sea
The Bell Pepper arrives in Senise from far far away: the Spanish imported it from the Antilles between the 16th and 17th Century in their journeys across the sea.
Over the centuries, the plantation developed in Senise and in the neighbouring villages with care and respect for tradition, until obtaining the IGP certification by the European Union in 1996. Since then, the area is officially recognised as a place with unique climate conditions for the production of this particular variety of Bell Peppers.

Only natural methods 
Every year, at the beginning of August, when the Bell Peppers get the typical purple-red colour, they’re ready to be hand-picked one by one, in order not to compromise taste and quality.
After resting in dry and well-ventilated places, away from the sunlight, the Bell Peppers are hung in the“serte", long hand-knotted twine ropes, to follow a slow and natural drying process. 

But how does the Bell Pepper become “Crusco”?
Once dried, the Bell Pepper is cleaned with a rag and dipped in boiling olive oil: just a few seconds are enough to get the unmistakable consistency and make it "Crunchy“.
So, the Crusco Pepper is a perfect ingredient for many recipes and delicious combinations like the ones we offer you this month.

Healthy benefits
In addition to their culinary versatility, the Bell Peppers from Senise have also excellent nutritional properties: they contain vitamins A, E, K and PP, and a 30% of vitamin C more than other varieties of Bell Peppers. They’re not only delicious, but also a very genuine product.

Sweet and crunchy
If you look at it, the Bell Pepper could remind you the spicy taste of the chili Pepper. But actually, it’s just the opposite: when you try it, it seduce(s) you with its sweet and intense flavour which, combined with the typical crunchiness, gives you an amazing feeling.

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