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38 Craven Street
WC2N SNG - London
Regno Unito

Name : Belluzzo
Membership Type : Patron Membership
Category : Tax, Fiscal and Accountancy Services
Business Sector : Tax & Legal Advice
Contact: Avv. Belluzzo Alessandro
WebSite: http://www.belluzzo.net

It was 1982: Umberto Belluzzo, head of Riello at the time, decided to abandon a brilliant and success-laden career to devote himself to the profession of certified public accountant. He grew rapidly, within an environment accustomed, above all at an international level, to very large studies, managed in a way which he came to define as industrial.

In 1996, after returning from experiences abroad, his eldest son, Luigi Belluzzo, joined the Firm and contributed to launching it at an international level, aiming for a greater depth on tax issues and participating assiduously in research committees, such as the CTI of Bocconi University.

During the last years of the millennium, new professionals joined, such as Stefano Barone, who would become the first partner, thereby opening the way to the Firm as an extended family, united by values and excellence.

During the first half of the 2000s, the Firm became the national benchmark for tax and legal consultancy of the PKF network, which it albeit decided to leave at the start of 2005, in order to give priority to its approach as a professional boutique. We have never looked back.

On 1st November 2005, we opened our office in Milan, consisting of 4 partners and 10 professionals, who were passionate, determined and ever more convinced that we were on the right path.

During the same period, we opened a representative office in London, the international hub for professional services. Shortly afterwards, Alessandro Belluzzo, the second eldest son, took full responsibility for the London office: Belluzzo&Associati LLP was born on 3 June 2008.

Our staff numbers increased with the number of our clients: we now had over 15 professionals.

On 1st October 2009, we were among the founders of RETIS – Professionisti Italiani nel Mondo [Italian professionals throughout the world], a non-profit making consortium which brings together the experiences of the main Italian firms abroad and represents the backbone of our system of international correspondents, which today stretches to every continent, with a particular focus on the United States, Brazil, Asia and Europe.

Today we are celebrating 30 years of professional practice and reaching 30 professionals: we look ahead, with the strength of our values and the results we have achieved. Ever more convinced that we have made the right choice, based on a type of consultancy which flanks a solid knowledge of best practices with targeted work, tailored to every specific need. “We do not do everything, but we excel in what we do™”.

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