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soloSicily of the VillaTravellers s.r.l

091 687 0639
Fax 091 619 7093

contact member

Viale Leonardo Da Vinci 145
90145 - Palermo

soloSicily of the VillaTravellers s.r.l
Name : soloSicily of the VillaTravellers s.r.l
Membership Type : Corporate Members
Category : Travel & Tourism
Business Sector : Tour Operator and Villa Rentals
Contact: Sortino Roberto
WebSite: http://www.solosicily.com

soloSicily is a tour operator specialising in high-quality villa rentals in Sicily. Founded in 2006, soloSicily aims to provide the very best villas, extra experiences and customer service to travellers wanting a perfect holiday in Sicily.

soloSicily has a wide range of properties found throughout Sicily. From large aristocratic estates that are perfect for special events to smaller villas that are ideal for romantic getaways or family villas with pools, soloSicily has the perfect villa for every occasion. Each and every villa is regularly checked by soloSicily, to maintain the highest standards. All villas have super locations, facilities and style.

With offices in Palermo, soloSicily knows Sicily inside out. Every member of the team wants to share their knowledge of the island with potential clients. soloSicily also offers guests at their villas a great array of extra services. Book an in-villa cook, learn to make pizza in your villa's pizza oven, experience Sicily's street food scene with a market tour or spend the day on the sea with a boat excursion. There's so much to see and do in Sicily, and soloSicily are delighted to help make any trip to Sicily as memorable as possible.

soloSicily of the VillaTravellers s.r.l
Viale Leonardo da Vinci, 145
90145 Palermo (Italy)

TEL: 0044 (0)20 7097 1413
FAX: 0039 091 619 7093
EMAIL: info@solosicily.com
WEBSITE: www.soloSicily.com

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