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How important is HR within the
hospitality industry?
This business is all about serving
Resources are integral. Without
committed HR representatives, a
business cannot function well. My
role is to assist all of our employees
with any queries or concerns they may
have, and at the same time ensure
they are being treated fairly. We also
aim to ensure that we employ the
right balance of staff in terms of skills
and experience, and that training
are available to employees to help
enhance their performance and
achieve our business objectives.
I feel proud and privileged to know
that our staff feel confident to talk to
me and that I can help resolve work-
related issues and motivate people in
ways to get the best out of them.
Can you give us a brief overview of
your company?
Millennium & Copthorne is a dynamic
and global company which operates
over 103 hotels in 17 countries. It is a
great company to work for.
Your efforts are recognized and
appreciated, and you can clearly see
how the role you play contributes
towards achieving great results.
I especially like working at the
Millennium Hotel, situated in the
heart of Mayfair in a magnificent
18th Century mansion, overlooking
Grosvenor Square.
Why is an internship at Millennium
such a good opportunity for our
Masters Program?
The internship is a fantastic opportunity
for anyone who is passionate about
our industry. At Millennium, interns
will be able to apply the skills learnt
on the Masters Program and gain
valuable experience to help achieve
their goals within the Hospitality
The Hotel itself, the location and
our lovely guests and colleagues,
present a great opportunity for
anyone who has dreams of working
and excelling in this industry.
How have our interns done so far?
Sonia and Matteo have both settled
in very quickly. They are talented and
engaging people who are already
contributing and getting the best out of
their experience. We are very pleased
to have them on board, and hope they
will be able to work with us in full time
roles as and when opportunities arise.
How would you rate the ongoing
partnership with the Italian
Chamber of Commerce?
We have a great relationship with
the ICC and the Masters Program.
We work hard together to get the
best out of people to whom we offer
internships. We have recently been
honoured and recognised by the
ICC for Outstanding Hospitality and
Dining Experience, which was greatly
appreciated. By continuing to work
together, we will be able to make
the most of the mutually beneficial
opportunities that present themselves.
The Hospitality Industry in the UK
Emilio Greco:
Sacred and Profane
To mark the centenary of the artist’s birth, from 25th
September to 22nd December, Emilio Greco: Sacred
and Profane will be on view at the Estorick Collection.
Greco was one of the key figures of 20th Century Italian
art and this exhibition, organized in collaboration with
the Archivi Emilio Greco and Il Cigno GG Edizioni of
Rome, is the first sculpture to be staged at the Estorick.
It will comprise some 40 works, including pieces in
bronze and terracotta, as well as a number of his
elegant and vigorous drawings.
Emilio Greco (1913-1995) was born in Catania, Sicily. He
was strongly influenced by Etruscan, Greek and Roman
art, and is best known for his powerful portrait busts and
sensual nudes. As well as this, Greco also received
important religious commissions, and this aspect to his
work will also be considered in this exhibition, with
studies on display of some of his more monumental
religious pieces.
Bronze and paper were two materials favoured by
Greco throughout his long career, and we see strong
similarities in the artist’s approach to both media.
Greco’s drawing style is extremely sculptural in
its evocation of volume, revealing a particular
fascination for conveying a sense of depth, and
for exploring and defining the space between
forms, rather than the forms themselves.
The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art
is internationally renowned for its core of
Futurist works including major paintings by
the movement’s main protagonists.
It comprises some 120 paintings, drawings,
watercolours, prints and sculptures by
many of the most prominent Italian
artists of the Modernist era. There are
six galleries, two of which are used for
temporary exhibitions, on three floors. The
library of over 2,500 books, primarily on 20th
Century Italian art, is an unrivalled resource
for students of important modernist movements.
Since opening in 1998, the Collection has established a
considerable reputation as an important venue for bringing
Italian art to the British public and has achieved both
public and critical acclaim for its artistic and educational
This exhibition offers an opportunity to explore the
riches of an extraordinary archive, as well as putting the
spotlight on an artist whose work has been, until now,
underappreciated in the United Kingdom.
For more information and details on the exhibition, please
Religious and secular imagery by one of Italy’s most important
modern sculptors
An interview with
Katerina Vejsadova
, Human Resources Administrator at
the Millennium & Copthorne Hotel, Mayfair.
Emilio Greco (1913-1995)
Crouching Nude, 1956
Bronze, height 67.3 cm
Private collection