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15 August 2017

HeartQuake - Together for reconstraction

HeartQuake - Together for reconstraction

HearthQuake is an established charitable company incorporated in England and Wales on 3rd March 2017 (Reg. n. 10650500) in the process of registering as a “charity” under the Charities Act 2011. Our website will be launched very soon at www.heartquake.org.uk. The decision to set up HeartQuake was made following the last devastating earthquakes in Central Italy, which left thousands of families homeless, jobless and with no hope for their future. A group of Italian professionals living in the United Kingdom is seriously and sincerely committed “to make a difference” to the lives of those people, working to bring together friends and business contacts from every professional background who are willing to contribute with money as well as ideas and skills. We would therefore welcome every person and organization who wish to help HeartQuake become a life changer for the people of Central Italy.

HeartQuake intends to become a platform where ideas can be transformed into long-term projects.

The objective is to provide assistance in the areas where public support will only be marginal. As such, HeartQuake would mainly focus in projects where additional support is required. The target is twofold: a) “Back to normality” aims at providing financial, logistic, advisory support to talented students (scholarships and/or internships at Universities and firms) and local businesses (financial and/or technical assistance to resume their activities and expand their sales also through exports to the UK and elsewhere). Additional projects will focus on the restoration of the cultural heritage; b) “Re-shaping a sustainable future” aims at identifying new sources of long-lasting, sustainable development in areas where the risk of “desertification” is sadly already high. Projects in the field of education, culture and economic initiatives could at least partially offset the risks of these areas being left behind, resulting in the younger generation being forced to migrate elsewhere.

The main areas of interest are therefore education, business and economic development, projects to promote the cultural and artistic heritage and to increase national and international tourism. A special focus will be on the role that innovation, new technologies, environmental protection and bio-diversity can play in (re)-shaping a sustainable economic model.  Depending on the size and cost of each project, HeartQuake intends to raise funds through: a) its members and their network; b) crowdfunding; c) fundraising events in the UK and abroad; d) donations from individual supporters, patrons, benefactors, etc.; e) donations and support from the corporate sector; f) donations from other charities or NPOs in the UK and abroad. Heartquake is also supporting Progetto Fenice – in association with the Rotary E Club DueMondi – Distretto 2090. We need your support!

Make a donation today Account Name: HEARTQUAKE LIMITED - Account Number: 19 0470 01 - Sort Code: 40 50 45 IBAN: GB13 BCIT 4050 4519 0470 01 - SWIFT: BCITGB2L Thank you very much in advance for your support to HeartQuake. 

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