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Name : Italian Food Restaurants Ltd
Membership Type: Supporter
Categories: Web
Business Sector: ICT
Contact: Mr  Abate  Vincenzo
Address: 3 More London Riverside
SE1 2RE  London  United Kingdom
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 Italian Food Restaurants is the first "Crawler" for Italian restaurants abroad for those who love real Italian cuisine.

In our portal you can select the authentic Italian restaurants filtering by type of cuisine, regional origin, selection of cheeses, wines, price range etc..

With the internal search engine, you can decide exactly what to eat and where to eat and you can also book.

In the forms of the restaurants, in addition to the general info, you will have some great advice about their characteristics, their menu, and we will tell you what we "like", how to get there and what to do in the surrounding area.

With our Web App, you can access the "Around Me" that will help you find the nearest Italian restaurant and accompany you to the place chosen by using your Mobile. 

In our portal you can enjoy the authentic experience of Italian cuisine abroad.
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