The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK is a company limited by guarantee devoted to promoting and extending business relations between United Kingdom and Italy.
Established in 1886, it is one of the oldest of the 73 Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad and it was formally acknowledged by the Italian Government in accordance with the Act 518/70.
The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK Head Office is located in London and has branches in Manchester , Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Head Office

It offers a wide range of both standard and personalised services to members and non-members and it assists trade and investments in both directions.

Membership of the Chamber grants access to a number of free or special rate services and is open to all companies or individuals in United Kingdom and Italy who require assistance with trading of goods or services between these two countries.

Offices London
Head Office
1 Princes Street - London W1B 2 AY
Tel. 020 7495 8191 - Fax. 020 7495 8194

Regional offices - Nortwest branch

The North-West Branch of the Italian Chamber of Commerce offers assistance to members and non-members who are interested in trading goods or services between Italy and the North of England.

Thanks to our extended network of businesses and institutional partners, you will find the service or the advice needed to expand your business. If you are interested in participating in exhibitions and festivals in the North and to tailor-made events, such as network business meetings and commercial workshops, the Chamber's support will allow you an effective promotion throughout the region.

The region of the North West of England boasts the presence of over 350,000 companies, which generate 25% of UK GNP. Furthermore it is home to a diverse range of strong internationally competitive sectors, including:

Biomedical: biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical devices;
Advanced Engineering and Materials: chemicals, aerospace, automotive, advanced flexible materials;
Digital and Creative Industries;
Business and Professional Services;
Food and Drinks;
Energy and Environmental Technologies.

The North-West is the largest regional centre for chemical manufacture in the UK. It is also the biggest single centre of aerospace manufacturing and production in the UK and a leading centre of excellence in Europe. The new combined University of Manchester is the largest single-site university in the UK with a strong technology base and more than 34,000 students.

The region has the second biggest digital centre in Europe with a strong ICT, software and new media sector. It is the chosen location for major ICT companies, including IBM, HP, Siemens and ICL/Fujitsu. The Northwest is also one of the UK’s leading regions for business and professional services: it is particularly successful in attracting banking and financial services, technical support and distribution.

Office Manchester
Northwest branch
4th Floor Churchgate House - 56 Oxford Street
M1 6EU, UK Manchester
Operative office
520 Birchwood Boulevard - WA3 7QX, UK Birchwood
+44 (0) 1925 506013
+44 (0)74 7762 2339

Regional offices - Scottisch Branches

The Scottish Branch of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK offers information and practical support for both companies and individuals interested in starting up businesses or developing commercial links between the Italian and Scottish business markets.

Due to the collaboration with local well-established partners, the Branch constantly promotes and encourages exchanges and contacts at the most important trade fairs in Glasgow and Edimburgh, organises sector-specific promotional workshops and holds informal networking events providing the local business community with unique opportunities to meet business partners.

As far as the economic figures are concerned, Scotland’s mixed economy comes out in its GDP per capita, which is the fourth largest in the UK. The enterprises active in the region, both public and private, are more than 280,000, employing 2.5 million people and registering a turnover of £243 billion.

According to the income produced, the largest contributions are from services, manufacturing – in which the food & drink industry has the upper hand -, oil and gas and construction. Initially focused on heavy industries, such as shipbuilding, coal mining and steel, over the years the region has achieved a prominent position in other sectors. Such as textiles, chemicals, distilling, brewing, fishing as well as computer software, banking, insurance and fund management.

Edinburgh is the financial services centre of the region - the sixth in Europe. Glasgow, instead, is known to be the commercial capital of the region: it accounts for over 60% of Scotland’s manufactured exports, being the fourth largest manufacturing centre in the whole country.

Scotland is the EU’s largest petroleum producer, with the North Sea offshore oil and gas production concentrated in the town of Aberdeen. Being among the countries in the continent that boast more energy resources, the region has been working hard on renewable energies. Given essentially from wave, tidal and wind power, the management of these provides Scotland with 13% of its electricity production.

For further information, please contact Eleonora Vanello, manager of the Scotland Branch.

Office Glasgow
Scottish branch
30 Melville Str. Edinburgh EH3 7HA
T. +44 (0)14 1331 6078
M. +44 (0)74 4965 4919

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