Jobs opportunities
Welcome to the Job Opportunities page, created to offer a meeting point between recruiters and bilingual candidates, where companies and recruitment agencies can add their adverts and candidates can reply directly by sending their CV.

For further information on how to find a job in the UK, please open the attached document.

Randall & Aubin

Title:  Waiters and waitresses, Bus boys & girls, Kitchen staff – all levels, Bar staff (cocktails), Receptionists, Hosts(esses)
Reference Number: 430
Publication date:  10/02/2017  - Expiry date:  10/04/2017
The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK - Scottish Branch

Title:  Intern - Assistant Trade Analyst
Sector:  International Relations &Trade
Reference Number: 285
Publication date:  08/02/2017  - Expiry date:  22/02/2017
Italian Consulate in Liverpool

Title:  Internship
Sector:  Administration
Reference Number: 90
Publication date:  07/02/2017  - Expiry date:  07/06/2017

Title:  Sales Manager
Sector:  Interiors Contractor
Reference Number: 424
Publication date:  09/12/2016  - Expiry date:  09/04/2017

Title:  Tax Assistant
Sector:  Accountancy
Reference Number: 429
Publication date:  09/12/2016  - Expiry date:  09/03/2017

Title:  Bookkeeper - Italian Speaking
Reference Number: 425
Publication date:  09/12/2016  - Expiry date:  09/03/2017

FCA CNH Grange The Family Officer Group
Belluzzo & Partners EOS