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Both personal and transports assistance as well as the collection of material goods are no longer required, instead it is extremely important to collect donations which have to be sent to local authorities and administration offices.
Please read the attachment for more details.

We hoped for a different result for the UK Referendum on Europe and indeed with our members and the members of the European Chambers of Commerce we stressed the importance of a United Europe to face the many problems of the world which are not exclusively economic.

It is really unfortunate that a process that made people feeling in a common area for business has been interrupted and we hope will be soon resumed.

Prime Minister Cameron announced that he will step down and there will be a period of reflection before a constructive approach towards redefining the British relationship with its European parties can be developed.

We have to continue to cooperate and we will with the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy and the other European Chambers in the UK, so that business may continue to prosper for the advantage of the economy and the people involved.

At the Italian Chamber of Commerce for the UK, our commitment towards our mission will match the challenge and although for at least two years nothing will change in the regulatory framework, we will have to give also our contribution in the many areas that will be renegotiated. Aspects such as trade, investments and competition can be enhanced with a well prepared representation of the legitimate interest of our members.

The financial markets reacted as expected in case of a Leave victory, although it is still impossible to draw conclusions in this very moment about their future behaviour on a global scale. The Italian Chamber of Commerce will continue to offer its support in order to facilitate the dialogue between Italian companies and investors. The Chamber is already working on a series of related projects which will be given maximum visibility. This is a time when, more than ever before, we have to work together, to solve practical problems and if possible, increase the opportunity for business as a fundamental element of economic prosperity. We encourage our members to be very proactive to achieve this common objective.

[ For the first time together, Southern Italian tourism and certified agricultural production ]

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[ 10/11/2016 - 10/11/2016 | Church House Conference Centre, Dean’s Yard, Westminster ]

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A new section dedicated entirely to the innovation sector. The innovation page provides a full list of innovative Italian start-ups interested in growing in the UK market, events and news regarding the high-tech world. More start-ups can apply by filling in the online form. Continue reading »....

Considering starting up a business in the UK?
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[ 24/02/2016 - 27/02/2016 | Fiere Parma (Italy) ]
Mercante in Fiera is a unique and original event, a big eclectic market for antique lovers, followers, collectors and art galleries. Over a thousand dealers, coming from all the main European antique markets, exhibit their own antiques and collectables to thousands of professional visitors and memorabilia hunters in Parma (Italy). Mercante in Fiera is open to collectors, designers, art galleries and architects looking for collectables of any age and style.
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